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  1. Leptospira (Ancient Greek: leptos, 'fine, thin' and Latin: spira, 'coil') is a genus of spirochaete bacteria, including a small number of pathogenic and saprophytic species. Leptospira was first observed in 1907 in kidney tissue slices of a leptospirosis victim who was described as having died of yellow fever
  2. Leptospire definition is - any of a genus (Leptospira) of slender aerobic spiral-shaped spirochetes that are free-living or parasitic in mammals
  3. ated water can also cause infection. Outbreaks of leptospirosis are usually caused by exposure to conta

The leptospire bacteria have a predilection for the kidneys and the urinary tract where they may produce a persistent infection. The leptospire organisms may be excreted with the urine resulting in transmission of the bacteria. Infective urine constitutes the major sources of infection for humans, domestic animals, and wild animals LEPDT : Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease of worldwide prevalence, though the majority of infections occur in warm, tropical climates. Wild mammals, typically rodents, are the primary, natural reservoir for pathogenic strains of Leptospira, however, domestic animals (eg, dogs) also represent a major source of human infection. Leptospira are Gram-negative spirochetes with at least 20.

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One of the leptospire's unique characteristics is that it tends to cluster in certain body areas. Once infected, it can take up to three weeks for clinical signs to develop in a horse Leptospira: [ lep″to-spi´rah ] a genus of aerobic, finely coiled spirochete bacteria with hooked ends. L. inter´rogans is the causative agent of leptospirosis The organism settles in the kidneys and begins to reproduce, leading to further inflammation and then kidney failure. Depending on the type of leptospire involved, other organ failure (especially liver) can be expected as well. Make no mistake, leptospirosis is a life-threatening disease with worldwide significance and people can be infected, too

Role of Opsonization in Leptospire Survival and Interaction With MΦ. Early studies performed from 1960 to the mid-1980s showed that in vitro incubation with nonimmune serum does not exert bactericidal activity against pathogenic leptospires (11, 13, 28, 29).These studies described that pathogenic, but not saprophytic, leptospires were resistant to complement-induced destruction (11, 28, 29) Leptospirosis is an infectious disease of humans and animals that is caused by pathogenic spirochetes of the genus Leptospira.It is considered the most common zoonosis in the world and is associated with settings of poor sanitation and agricultural occupations involving contact with animals or water

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leptospire: ( lep'tō-spīr ), Common name for any organism belonging to the genus Leptospira Leptospirosis is a global zoonotic infectious disease caused by pathogenic Leptospira species. Leptospire-induced macrophage apoptosis through the Fas/FasL-caspase-8/3 pathway plays an important role in the survival and proliferation of the pathogen in hosts. Although, the release of mitochon

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Define leptospire. leptospire synonyms, leptospire pronunciation, leptospire translation, English dictionary definition of leptospire. n. Any of various gram-negative, spirochete bacteria of the genus Leptospira that are either free-living or parasitic, including the causative agent of.. Most leptospire-infected cells stayed at the G1 phase, whereas depletion or inhibition of p53 caused a decrease of the G1 -phase cells and the early apoptotic ratios. Infection with spirochaetes stimulated a persistent activation of p53 and an early activation of Akt through phosphorylation The traditional system divided the genus into 2 species: the pathogenic Leptospira interrogans and the nonpathogenic Leptospira biflexa. These species were divided further into serogroups.

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Leptospire is a specific kind of bacteria called a spirochete. It's different from other bacteria in that it cannot be easily cultured in a laboratory, meaning that it makes it very difficult for your veterinarian to definitively diagnose that your dog is sick The leptospire is a particular type of bacteria called a spirochete. It's unique from other bacteria in that it cannot be easily cultured in a laboratory, which makes it a challenge for your veterinarian to definitively diagnose your sick dog. The leptospire multiplies in the kidneys of reservoir hosts, such as deer, skunks, and raccoons Disinfecting surfaces and non-porous materials is extremely simple, as the leptospira bacterium is very sensitive to disinfectants, soaps and many other household chemicals even at low concentrations. Despite the bacteria being extremely dangerous during an infection, they are one of the easiest to control - at least within buildings The leptospirosis vaccine is a non-core vaccine, which means it is an optional vaccine that dogs can benefit from based on risk for exposure to the disease. Veterinarians will recommend this vaccine based on a dog's lifestyle and reasonable exposure risk

Leptospiroză. Leptospiroza este o boală infecțioasă acută care se manifestă prin febră, intoxicație, cefalee, dureri musculare, mai ales la gambe, afectarea rinichilor, a ficatului, sistemului nervos și cardiovascular. A fost descrisă prima dată de Adolf Weil în 1886, motiv pentru care se numește și Boala lui Weil Discussion: Disease Description: Leptospirosis is a worldwide disease of animals and humans and causes serious economic loss to the livestock industry. 1 The disease is usually transmitted by direct or indirect contact with leptospire-infected urine

Leptospire prolaze (penetriraju), aktivno se gibajući, sluznice i/ili oštećenu kožu, dospijevaju u krv (leptospiremija) u kojoj se odmah počinju umnažati čemu osobito pogoduje pH krvi (7,2 do 7,4).Opseg oštećenja unutrašnjih organa je različit, a ovisi o virulenciji serovara i prijemljivosti domaćina. Neki su serovarovi više patogeni za pojedine domaćine () Vertical transmission is an important alternative route for Leptospira sp. spread in ewes under semiarid conditions. •. Central nervous system is an important extra-renal site of leptospire colonization. •. Molecular detection is an essential tool in the investigation of Leptospira sp. carrier ewe fetuses Once the leptospire enters the host, the pathogen reproduces. The survival rate of the leptospires depend on the immune system of the host, a suppressed immune system means the leptospires are more likely to survive and infect the host. Once they survive initial contact, they need to spread throughout the body Leptospire electron micrograph. Leptospira are spiral-shaped, highly motile aerobic spirochetes with 18 or more coils per cell. They can be distinguished morphologically from other spirochetes by their unique question mark hook at the end of the bacterium. Courtesy of Dr. Vanaporn Wuthiekanun

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Leptospira spp. belong to the bacterial phylum Spirochaetes, an evolutionarily and structurally unique group of bacteria. The genus Leptospira is composed of saprophytic and pathogenic species. Leptospirosis Email: cfsph@iastate.ed

leptospiruria: ( lep'tō-spīr-yū'rē-ă ), Presence of species of the genus Leptospira in the urine, as a result of leptospirosis in the renal tubules Leptospiroza, zoonoza koja pogađa mnoge domaće i divlje životinje, varira od inaparentne do smrtonosne bolesti. Kod životinja postoji stanje kliconoštva u kojemu se leptospire mjesecima izlučuju urinom. Ljudi se zaraze izravnim kontaktom s inficiranim životinjskim urinom ili tkivom ili neizravno, kontaktom s kontaminiranom vodom ili tlom

Leptospira ingested by cattle from contaminated water enter the body through the mucous membranes of the oral-nasal cavity. In susceptible cattle, the leptospires infect the bloodstream and tissues, localizing in specific organs, namely the kidneys, uterus, and udder. The primary leptospirosis lesion is damage to the walls of small blood. Leptospirosis is a widely spread disease of global concern. Infection causes flu-like episodes with frequent severe renal and hepatic damage, such as haemorrhage and jaundice. In more severe cases. Leptospira interrogans is a gram negative obligate aerobe. This bacterium is motile and has a spiral or helical shape like other spirochetes (1). It has an optimum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and an optimum pH of 7.4. L. interrogans has a variety of hosts and occurs in many different regions. This bacterium causes leptospirosis which. Leptospirosis is a global zoonotic disease, endemic in tropical areas, and caused by spirochetes of the genus Leptospira (1). Leptospirosis is a widespread and prevalent zoonotic disease caused by pathogenic spirochetes of the genus Leptospira. It is common in both temperate and tropical areas (1). It is caused by a bacterium of genus Leptospira Leptospirosis in Dogs. Dogs are the primary host of Leptospira serovars, and many other mammal species can also be infected. Clinical signs range from mild, subclinical infection to multi-organ failure and death. Diagnosis includes serologic testing and identification of leptospires in tissues, blood or urine

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  1. Based on partial sequences of 16S rRNA, a pathogenic leptospire, Leptospira alstonii (), was identified in 3% of the isolates followed by intermediate leptospire (L. wolffii, , and L. licerasiae, ) and nonpathogenic leptospire, L. meyeri in 24.2% and 66.7%, respectively
  2. Leptospirosis fact sheet. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease of humans and animals. It is caused by Leptospira bacteria that are excreted in the urine of infected animals. Leptospirosis is treated with antibiotics. Last updated: 31 May 2021
  3. 1 Introduction. Leptospirosis is one of the most important zoonotic diseases worldwide [1, 2].It is caused by the pathogenic Leptospira strains, which are not readily distinguishable from the saprophytic leptospire strains on the basis of morphology and biochemical characteristics. The disease varies from subclinical infection to a severe illness with multi-organ involvement []

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Department: Virology and Molecular Microbiology Requirement: 5ml clotted blood (1ml if paediatric), red top, Specify travel and exposure history, describe symptoms Turnaround Time: 5-7 working day tact with leptospire-infected urine. Leptospirosis in swine is characterized by poor productivity, fever, anemia, kidney inflammation, and abortions; late-term abortions are the most important effect. In calves, clinical signs of leptospirosis may include fever, prostration, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, anemia, and blood in the urine SUMMARY Leptospirosis is a worldwide zoonotic infection with a much greater incidence in tropical regions and has now been identified as one of the emerging infectious diseases. The epidemiology of leptospirosis has been modified by changes in animal husbandry, climate, and human behavior. Resurgent interest in leptospirosis has resulted from large outbreaks that have received significant. Intriguingly, during a four-year period (mid-2013 to mid-2017) only one case of leptospirosis was detected in sea lions at TMMC, antibody titer magnitude in seropositive sea lions was low and declining, all animals born during this period were seronegative, and leptospire shedding was detected in only one out of 1242 stranded and wild-caught.

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A 42-year-old Chinese man was found to have leptospire by urine dark-field microscopy, a cardiac aneurysm, brain abscess, and kidney and liver infarct. Immunohistochemistry staining confirmed the presence of leptospires in the various tissues. This is the first tissue-proven case of infective endocarditis caused by leptospire species While FITC stain- shows the CE-values of the Canicola, Rachmati, Ranarum, Sejroe, ing is by dye conjugation to the leptospire surface components, Bratislava, and Shermani serovar reactive immuno-magnetic the AO fluorochrome selectively labels nucleic acids. Both FITC and Fig. 2

Yale Only EMD Seminar Series: Norway rats: Their Ecology, Control and Role in Leptospire Maintenance & Transmissio leptospire. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English . Leptospira interrogans. English Wikipedia has an article on: leptospire. Wikipedia . Wikispecies has information on: Leptospire. Wikispecies . Etymology (This etymology is missing or incomplete

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  1. Leptospira species are one of the few spirochetes to possess a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) embedded in their outer membrane. Two protocols are currently available to extract and/or purify the leptospiral lipopolysaccharides: the rapid proteinase K method and the classical hot water/phenol extraction. The first method allows to get a quick overview.
  2. leptospire A spirochaete of the genus Leptospira. Source for information on leptospire: A Dictionary of Plant Sciences dictionary
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  4. leptospire: leptospira, any of a number of spiral shaped bacteria, leptospiral, of or pertaining to leptospira (type of bacteria) Translations: 1 - 1 / 1. Your Recent Searches . EUdict (European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in Europe. These dictionaries are the result of the work of many.
  5. Leptospire LPS also induced the adherence platelets or U937. The second experiment involved leptospire LPS elicited platelet aggregation in a PMN-platelet mixture, because leptospire LPS stimulated human PMN but not the human platelets. The platelet response was observed only in the mixture system and was inhibited by a PAF antagonist

The presence of leptospire DNA in the lung was verified by several molecular methods: a specific pathogenic Leptospira real-time PCR protocol used in a previous survey of wild rats , PCR of the rrs (16S) gene, and typing with an MST protocol previously tested on rats' renal isolates . The negative PCR result obtained with the lung tissues of. A literature search was performed in Scopus, PubMed, MEDLINE and non-indexed citations (via Ovid) by using suitable keyword combinations. Studies evaluating the performance of nucleic acid assays targeting leptospire genes in human or animal clinical samples against a reference test were included Leptospire. Common name for any organism belonging to the genus Leptospira. Recent Posts. No more risky business! Minimise your risk with our Risk Assessment module; Things You Need to Know About Safety Data Sheet Authoring; Rainbows: What they are, how they are formed, and what do they have to do with pots of gold

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Leptospira kirschneri is an agent causing leptospirosis in animals and humans. We report the draft genome sequence of Leptospira kirschneri serovar Mozdok type 2 strain Horse 112, comprising 485. Unformatted text preview: Pathophysiology: Age, Sex, Leptospire Geographic, Season from infected animals Direct invasion of tissue on susceptible host; induced endotoxins,hemolysin & lipase capillary vasculitis endothelial edema, necrosis, lymphocytic infiltration loss of RBC & fluid via enlarged conjunction & fenestrae CBC x-ray urinalysis ECG PT Petechiae, Jaundice, Alveolar Tubular Cardiac.

The leptospire LPS has a very low fatty acid content (less than 2%), does not show immunological cross-reactivity with the lipid A component of LPS, is not pyrogenic, and is ineffective in inducing the local Schwartzman reaction (8). Nevertheless, the LPS-containing extracts of leptospires were reported to possess some properties that are. What does leptospire mean? Any of various gram-negative, spirochete bacteria of the genus Leptospira that are either free-living or parasitic, incl..

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CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): ABSTRACT. Equine leptospirosis can present a non-symptomatic form, an acute clinical form, or even develop chronically, causing reproductive alterations, such as abortion and recurrent uveitis. Since the prevalence of leptospirosis in several countries and regions is widely reported, the objective of this study was to. Depending on the type of leptospire involved, other organ failure (especially liver) can be expected as well. Make no mistake, leptospirosis is a life-threatening disease. Typical symptoms: Fever, depression, loss of appetite, joint pain, nausea, excessive drinking, jaundice, excess bleeding brought on by low platelet count. Leptospira is a corkscrew-shaped bacteria that causes an infection called Leptospirosis. The Leptospira bacteria infect many types of animals (many wild animals, rodents, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, cattle, for example) that subsequently contaminate water, lakes, rivers, soil, and crops when they urinate because the bacteria are present in urine The OnSite Leptospira IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay that can be performed within 15-20 minutes by minimally skilled personnel, and without the use of laboratory equipment.. This test is intended to be used for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of IgG and IgM antibodies to Leptospira interrogans (L. interrogans) in human serum, plasma or.

  1. Recombitek ® 4 Lepto is a liquid suspension of Leptospira bacterins containing serovars canicola, grippotyphosa, icterohaemorrhagiae and pomona (LCGIP). Safety and immunogenicity of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge studies. in susceptible dogs
  2. Leptospiroza, včasih imenovana tudi mišja mrzlica (to ime se sicer najpogosteje nanaša na hemoragično vročico z renalnim sindromom), je nalezljiva bolezen, ki se prenaša z neposrednim ali posrednim stikom z okuženo živaljo ali njenimi izločki. Povzročitelj leptospiroze je spiroheta, bakterija spiralne oblike iz rodu leptospir Leptospira..
  3. Recommended Preventative Medicine Guidelines for Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis sp.), Preventative medicine is key to providing long-term health care for all animals, including giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis sp.).Use of a preventative program helps to avoid intra- and inter- specific infectious disease, developmental problems, and in the long term management is cost effective
  4. ister by subcutaneous injection. Primary immunisation: Puppies should be at least 6 weeks old at time of first vaccination. Dogs and puppies should receive 2 doses, 2-4 weeks apart. Annual revaccination: A single dose is recommended
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  6. The ends of Leptospire have _____ rather than just tapering off. A. Circle end. B. Hook. C. Balloon shape. 4. The motility of Leptospires are. A. Slow and straight. B. Rapid and rotational. C. Rapid and straight. D. Slow and rotational. 5. Leptospires cannot be readily stained but can be covered with _____ and then seen. A. Platinum. B
  7. Similar to the Giardia parasite, the Leptospire bacteria (the causative organism of Leptospirosis) absolutely LOVE water! The infective bacteria are spread through urine from an infected animal, and it doesn't even need to be another dog. In fact, one of the most common ways that Lepto bacteria find their way into water is from infected.

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The possibility to quantitate leptospire density accurately in patients will provide an objective evaluation of antibiotics efficiency. Although beta-lactams are first choice antibiotics for treatment of acute leptospirosis, persistence of leptospires in humans after the initial clinical period [[ 3 ,[ 5 ] suggests that they are ineffective in. Our target at Plexsites is to provide a unique and high standard of Website Design & Graphic Design, as well as Social Media Marketing. Plexsites are aware that both value for money and an affordable product are factors in clients decision making. We carefully listen to client needs to create a customised product, integrating our clients.

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  1. Notizie Leptospira, news 2021; articoli, video ed opinioni su Leptospira nell'ambito medico sanitario. Ultime novità Leptospira 202
  2. Leptospirosis, one of the most important of neglected tropical diseases, is a common zoonosis in the tropics. Recent reports have demonstrated that pulmonary haemorrhage is one of the fatal complications of severe leptospirosis. In this report, we present a case of leptospirosis manifested with severe pulmonary haemorrhagic syndrome successfully treated with venovenous extracorporeal membrane.
  3. Macadamia Nuts. The toxin in macadamia nuts is unknown, but a dose of 0.7-5 grams/kg body weight has been shown to be toxic (roughly 5-40 nuts per 20-kg dog). This includes both raw and roasted macadamia nuts. Symptoms usually start within 3-12 hours of ingesting the nuts and tend to resolve over 24 hours
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  5. e the severity of respiratory compromise and is the one factor that distinguishes acute lung injury from ARDS. A ratio of < 300 indicates acute lung injury, and a ratio < 200 is diagnostic of ARDS. A recent consensus statement in the human literature (the Berlin definition) suggests categorizing ARDS by.

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Clostridium sporogenes are rod-shaped bacteria, typically linked in long chains, that are Gram-positive. The cell wall consists of a thick layer of peptidoglycan, a polymer of amino acids and sugar .Other components anchored in the cell wall, such as teichoic acid and proteins, protrude out of the peptidoglycan layer, giving the cell surface a rigid look Two dogs had evidence of scattered leptospire organisms (Figure 3, Supporting Information Supplemental Table 1). Additionally, concurrent clusters of Campylobacter coli and Salmonella spp. (n = 1), C. coli spp. (n = 1), Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella spp. (n = 1), Salmonella spp. (n = 1), and Helicobacter spp. (n = 1) also were identified.

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Spiralne bakterije iz roda Leptospira glavni su uzročnici akutne septokemijske zarazne bolesti leptospiroze. Glavni izvori zaraze su bolesne životinje, koje leptospire izlučuju urinom te tako kontaminiraju tlo, vegetaciju i vodu. Zbog različitih potreba serološki tipovi leptospira su svrstane u serološke skupine. Leptospiroza nije problem samo šumskih ekosustava nizinske Hrvatske već. Leptospire infections in pigs: Epidemiology, diagnostics and worldwide occurrence September 2011 Berliner und Münchener tierärztliche Wochenschrift 124(9-10):345-5 We compared different leptospire transmission models involving flooding and weather conditions, shedding and multiplication rate in a contaminated environment. We found that the model in which the transmission rate depends on both flooding and temperature, best-fits the reported human data on leptospirosis in Thailand Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, which is caused by several toxins termed exfoliatins, is an exfoliative dermatitis of childhood characterized by large bullae and peeling of the upper layer of skin. Eventually, exfoliation occurs. Scalded skin syndrome most commonly occurs in infants and children < 5 years

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Figure 7. SEM micrographs of L. interrogans serovar Canicola control, unexposed to UV-A irradiation (left side) and after UV-A irradiation for 24 h and incubated for another 7 days (right side). Untreated control shows the typical wave-like shape of a typical leptospire, while the UV-A exposed sample shows an elongated and deformed structure The process of finding words ending with ire is similar to our other word lists. We use a large word file of possible candidate words and find the ones that match your search, in this case any words that end with ire Corresponding Author. Laboratoire de Biologie Intégrée des Cellules Rénales CNRS URA 1859 Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique Saclay, France. Address for correspondence: Dr. M. Younes-Ibrahim, Rua Carlos Oswald, 230 b13-804, 22793-120 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (tel: 55 21 5876227; fax: 55 21 5877377) An acute febrile disease of humans produced by spirochetes of many species of Leptospira. The incubation period is 6-15 days. Among the prominent features of the disease are fever, jaundice, muscle pains, headaches, hepatitis, albuminuria, and multiple small hemorrhages in the conjunctiva or skin. Meningeal involvement often occurs Unusual pig meat price movements have occurred in both the UK and EU this year, according to Stephen Howarth, Senior Analyst (Pigs), AHDB Market Intelligence, in his latest explanation of the UK and EU trends

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Leptospire Genomic Diversity Revealed by Microarray May 2012 Volume 78 Number 9 aem.asm.org 3047. have functions assigned. The number of genes unique to each tested strain (except for the L. kirschneri serovar Grippotyphosa strain)was120,78,30,and4forL.interrogansserovarsBratislava Leptospire Haemolysins. Foreign Title : Les hemolysines leptospiriennes. Author(s) : Van Riel, J. Journal article : Annales de la Societe Belge de Medecine Tropicale 1959 Vol.39 No.3 pp.331-41 ref.16 Abstract : The author. EUdict (European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in Europe. These dictionaries are the result of the work of many authors who worked very hard and finally offered their product free of charge on the internet thus making it easier to all of us to communicate with each other INTRODUCTION. The WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) was convened in 2006 with the aim of producing global vaccination guidelines for dogs and cats that would consider international differences in economic and societal factors that impact on the keeping of these small companion animals Time course of leptospire-induced PMN adherence to HEC. HEC monolayers were treated for various time periods with control medium or medium containing intact leptospires (10 8 /ml)